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After long sessions of anaerobic or weight training, muscle recovery and tissue repair becomes a high priority. Depending on the intensity and type of training, a muscle requires 24 to 48 hours aprox to regenerate.

While it all depends on each individual’s resilience, the following tips are some of the most recommended by experts in the subject for better results.

Avoid overtraining. It’s important to choose an intelligent routine that adjust progressively to your abilities. Excessive exercise or lack of rest days will detract from the results.

Stretch. When finishing a demanding routine, it’s advisable to perform a gentle stretching session to contribute simply and effectively to muscle recovery.

Take contrast baths (alternating hot and cold water). Some athletes claim that taking contrast baths promotes faster tissue recovery and prevents injury. The constriction and dilation of the blood vessels helps removing toxins from the tissues and reduces the post-exercise pain.

Eat properly. It is vital to eat well after depleting energy reserves. It’s best to eat within 60 minutes after the end of exercise, and be sure to incorporate protein and carbohydrate into the diet.

Rest. Optimal sleep is another key factor. During sleep, the body produces growth hormone (GH), which is responsible for tissue growth and repair.

Following these tips and complementing them with supplements such as L-Glutamine and Whey Protein Isolate, destined to help with muscle maintenance and recovery, you can rest knowing that you are in top condition for your next training session.







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